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Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising With GiftVolo

What services and products I can purchase on GiftVolo?

You can purchase 100’s of services and niche local products from curated merchants in Bay Area, CA.  You can buy or gift salon services, makeup services, massage services, carpet cleaning, maid services, wine tasting, art classes, summer camps for kids, theatre tickets, photo sessions, catered meals, restaurant meals, sports activities, fitness/gym classes, pet grooming, custom olive oil vinaigrettes and organic fruit baskets etc.

What if my favorite service provider is not on GiftVolo? 
No worries, just contact us at and we will work with that service provider to get them on-boarded on GiftVolo.  For every merchant you personally connect us to, we will deposit $10 GiftVolo credit in your account as soon as the provider on-boards.  You can use that  credit towards buying or gifting any service on GiftVolo.

Does buying a service implies I raise funds for Sea Breeze?
No you must redeem the GiftVolo voucher. 

Is there a charge to join GiftVolo?
No.  GiftVolo is absolutely free. You can also download our free iPhone app from the App Store.

Do I pay extra for services I buy on GiftVolo?
No.  GiftVolo prices are the same as service provider list prices.  In some instances, we might have some GiftVolo Exclusives that are available on our site only.

Why should I use GiftVolo?
GiftVolo helps users to buy or gift services from local service providers using 3 simple clicks.  The benefits are:


2.Single universal marketplace for 100s of services - you do not have to login at multiple sites

3.Trusted reviews

4.Promote local commerce to create  thriving community

5.Eco-friendly - no shipping, no packaging, no running in car to find a gift

6.Most importantly, you can fundraise while you shop.

Can I have my family also Sign Up with GiftVolo and fundraise for Sea Breeze?
Yes absolutely.  Your family and friends living anywhere in the US can sign up with  They must add SEABREEZE as the Beneficiary under Account Settings > Personal Settings. For every gift they buy or send we will give portion of funds to Sea Breeze as soon as the gift is redeemed.

Do all my purchases earn dollars for Sea Breeze?
Yes, as long as you make purchases on GiftVolo and redeem them, Sea Breeze will earn money.

Can I book an appointment on GiftVolo?
We provide concierge service to customers and are happy to book appointment for you.

For additional questions contact us at