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Fundraise For Sea Breeze While You Shop!

GiftVolo is an online marketplace where you can buy local services for yourself or others. Most families buy salon and spa services (like hair cuts and massages); automotive services (like oil change and smog checks); health and fitness services (like fitness classes or personal trainers), art classes, or camps for children. When you buy these services from GiftVolo; GiftVolo will give back 10% to Sea Breeze School.

This is a great way to raise free money for our school. All it takes is 3 seconds to Sign Up and set up SEABREEZE as a beneficiary. It's that simple!

Step 1: Sign up at

Step 2: Go to Account Settings > Personal Settings and type SEABREEZE in Beneficiary. Save it.

Step 3: Shop

GiftVolo has 100's of merchants and curated services to chose from in our local area. In case, your merchant is not available on GiftVolo, simply send an email to or call (650)-665-9365 and they will get that merchant on-board.

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